Anonymous whispered: i hope everything works out! your blog makes people smile so you should smile too!

thank you thank you thank you wow

it’s really reassuring to know that even when i’m at my lowest, i can come back here and i have all of these people supporting me and i know i’ve helped them in return…

glittahstuff whispered: Elloh, I read you were having stress :c I can't really help you much from across the internet but I can give you hugs and tell you to take good care of yourself. Your blog makes me happy <3 *hugs*

just taking the time to shoot me this message is super helpful and sweet! i’m so so so glad that i’m able to make you happy with this blog!

dafuq-is-happening whispered: Hey, I just read that you're going through a stressful time and I wanted to wish you good luck! Remember to always take care of yourself, I love you ^-^

Wow thank you for this! It means a lot to me to have someone go out of their way to send this!

My college program is very high-stress and this week has just been full of bad days so hopefully next week will be better.

Anonymous whispered: Hellowwwww! I'm going through a little bit of a tough time emotionally..but I've stumbled across your blog and I've been here two hours! I freaking love it! So thank you beautiful! (✿ ♥‿♥)

Hey, you’re welcome! I’m going through a stressful period right now as well so I empathize with you. I hope that once my computer’s cooling fan gets replaced that I can update some more for you all!


don’t let anyone stop you from achieving them~(-^〇^-) ♡♡

Everyone deserves happiness 

You look very nice today and every day!
youfillmylungswith-sweetness whispered: Your blog was one of my inspirations for making a cutesy blog of my own <3 Thanks for being you!

oh wow, that’s a huge honor! i’m so glad i could inspire you somehow!

that’s really all i’ve wanted and i’m so happy to hear about it~

Anonymous whispered: Seeing your posts is like running through a field of daisies and poppies and roses and dandelions and daffodils; it makes me so happy. I LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH FOR POSTING WHAT YOU POST!!!!!!!! :D you are amazeballs!!!

>//////////< oh gosh i am blushing!!!

thank you for taking the time to tell me and i appreciate your kind words~

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