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Anonymous whispered: You could put together a self-care kit for the giveaway, if that makes sense?

ooooh i love the sound of that!!! that sounds like a great idea!

everyone!!! please send to me what you would like to see in a self-care kit!!! 

i want to hear everyone’s ideas so i can make the perfect one for you all!

August  30 11
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whoa guys we just passed 3800 followers! 

we’re so close to 4k, and once we hit 5k, i’ll be finally hosting a giveaway for you guys!

i’m not sure what you guys would want, so suggestions would be lovely

- Mod A

with school starting for lots of us, we may overwork ourselves or push ourselves too far. remember to take care of your body and mind: take breaks, step away from the assignment, go get a snack, or just take a day off if you feel like you can’t get through it. your health is what’s most important so put that before everything else, and stay safe and happy!
August  28 2029

remember that, okay?~  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
cobrii whispered: Hello! I just found your blog and wanted to say thank you, I needed something like this so badly and I'm glad you're here posting all these!!

you’re so welcome, i’m glad i could help you out in some way.

i hope this blog’s positivity can continue to help you in the future and that you spread your positivity to the farthest corners of tumblr! <3

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allthingsinpink whispered: this blog is so amazing!!!

thank you so much! i love hearing how much you guys like this blog

makes my day so incredibly happy!!!