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every one of you ♥
October  9 1636

” Today you will shine! ♥ ”


This silly panda made me laugh, so if you're having a bad day, have been feeling down lately or just needed some cheering up, I hope it made you smile too ♥︎

tinyspacexplorer whispered: I love. Ur blog a lot thank u for existing I honestly rly need this bc I've been rly close to relapsing

You’re welcome, stay strong! And even if you do relapse, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You can only improve if you stumble along the way. I believe in you and I’m sure there are many others who love and support you as well 💕

and-im-carina whispered: youre blog is fantastic! thanks for being so positive, i literally just found your blog and am so excited to see your little positive blips on my dash. i hope youre doing well! have a great day!

Thank you for this and I hope when I’m able to get my laptop back I can update more often!

I am actually quite sick right now but I’m trying to rest it off and staying positive about getting well again 💕